About me!

Hi, I’m Jessica!

I’ve started a little YouTube channel with educational videos as a way to express my love for acute and critical care medicine, and to help others discover their love for it too by making things a little bit easier. When I was young I was thought to be a slow learner. It wasn’t until university that my focus shifted from strictly learning the material (and hating the process), to actually learning how to learn (and loving it!). For me, it was realising that every concept can be broken down into smaller pieces. My hope is that my channel can build up these pieces for others, so I can help you learn more about this beautiful field called medicine.

My medical background

Intensivist & clinical pharmacologist

Fellowship in critical care medicine
Fellowship in clinical pharmacology
Residency in internal medicine
MD (cum laude)

Medical engineer

Masters degree in biomedical engineering, focussing on signal analysis
Data science and artificial intelligence / machine learning using Python programming for healthcare specific applications

Forensic physician

Buy me a coffee!

No worries, CritIC wil always be free of charge! If, however, you think my videos have been of value to you and you’d like to give back, consider “buying me a coffee” by using the button below. Thank you!

Legal stuff

All things associated with CritIC are entirely my own. Contact me if you’d like to use or share my content.